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50th Anniversary of Saltley Gate 10-February 2022

BTUC Delegates Meeting 6th January 2022

Rally at the UCU Picket @ Birmingham University

UCU Rally and Picket at Birmingham University


Generally strong showing at the pickets, seems full of positivity. Incredibly strong student showing. Treasurer Darcy spoke on behalf of BTUC, we got some turnout from various Labour figures over the days (some councillors on Thurs, Tahir Ali showed up on Friday). All the various Marxist groupings you normally expect on a picket. Strong solidarity extended by Unison picketers from the UoB Unison branch, and there was a Unite banner there too. There is a picture of all the banners together which I’d want to grab but it hasn’t gone up anywhere yet – when it does I’ll stick it up there. Across the 4 picketlines there were a lot of people, and the rallies at the end of the picket had a great turnout.

The most impressive thing about the UCU turnout is who turned out to the picket – it was a lot of the younger members turning up to demonstrate against the increased tendency of casualisation and pay discrimination. A good sign for a branch future – shows that the branch will remain active and strong going forwards. There are still I believe a further 17-20 strike days planned for BUCU and nationally, but they will come after the Christmas break to ensure they happen when they will cause meaningful industrial disruption.

BTUC December Delegates Meeting

Birmingham Trades Council Delegates Meeting 2nd December

BTUC Rally with Indian Farmers on their struggle against corporatising agriculture in India

Black History Month 28th October 2021

Black History Month Meeting on refugee crisis

Black History Month BTUC Meeting 14th October 2021

BTUC Delegate Meeting Dr John Lister speaking on Government’s Health Care Bill

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