Assemble on Saturday and spread the message wear a mask and carry a sanitiser to keep yourself and others safe

Former Man Utd footballer Gary Neville has called for a protest at Downing St this Saturday calling for Boris to go. While we’re not sure if this is happening, given the amount of sleaze, Covid deaths, government officers and advisors not following Covid rules, increases in poverty, attacks on the rights to protest, more racist immigration controls, clearly rising poverty, attempts to lower living standards through wage restraints, letting the planet burn for profit and more, Gary is right to call for protests.Birmingham TUC is calling for trade unions, community groups, civic organisations, anti-racist groups, feminist groups, equality campaigners, environmentalists, faith groups, anti-poverty campaigners and more to say that enough is enough. For all of the reasons stated above and more, Boris needs to go and he should take the rest of this shambles of a Government with him.Join us at 2pm this Saturday by Waterstones at the Bullring.**Make sure that this is Covid safe.**
If you, or anyone you live with, have Covid symptoms, please show your solidarity at home. Everyone else, please wear masks and use hand sanitiser at the event.NB. THIS IS NOT A PROTEST AGAINST COVID RESTRICTIONS OR VACCINES.
Any need for increased Covid restrictions should be seen as a failure of Government in dealing with the crisis to date and as a product of under-funding the NHS.
The national TUC is very clear that vaccines are an essential part of solving the Covid crisis. For more details of their campaign, see here:…/lets-vaccinate-britain-time…