Good morning to all Sisters & Brothers,

As President of the Birmingham Trades Union Council I am proud to invite you & share with us the 150th anniversary of the BTUC which has always been one of the largest and most important trades’ union councils in Britain, we have a long and proud tradition in a heartland of British Industry. It has been in the forefront of historic industrial struggle along with the struggle against racism and Fascism.

We are overwhelmed by today’s attendance of 91 people who comprise of T/U members and public celebrating today’s historic event; this is in no short measure positive reflection of all our historic achievements we can proudly share between ourselves……..(of which you will hear more about from our subsequent contributors).

Recognising the importance of the BTUC continues to provide a vital link between trade unions and our communities, we cannot forget that Birmingham was a city of 1000 trades, the challenges that we face today are not necessarily those of the last 150 years, witnessing the current social problems, the economic & political turmoil, it is imperative the BTUC takes a leading role in fighting for the future of manufacturing, social facilities & representations. We must adopt innovative ideas to engage the public with trade union campaign initiatives to secure our role in moulding the future direction of our society.

It is at this point we cannot afford to rest upon our laurels, we must ensure that our initiatives are the incentives that will give our dependants, our children the confidence to achieve their fight for a farer society. I am confident in that they too will proudly celebrate the 200th & 250th anniversary of what the BTUC has done for them today.

Sisters & Brothers I thank you for your attention.

Ian Scott,

President: Birmingham Trades Union Council.