Since its foundation in 1866, Birmingham Trades Union Council has brought together local trade union branches to support working people in their workplaces and within local communities. It continues to provide a coordinating centre for affiliated trade union branches to protect and advance the interests of workers in Birmingham.

Along with its sister trade union councils across the country, BTUC aims to:

  • raise awareness of rights at work and the role of trade unions in enforcing those rights;
  • to improve the economic and social conditions of workers and to participate in international, national and local campaigns to promote trade unionism. 
  • to combat racist, sexist or fascist ideas and oppose discrimination in all its forms.

Officers & Executive Committee members 2020-21

President – Ian Scott (Unite)
Secretary – Naeem Malik (Unite)
Vice President – Melany Cruz (UCU)
Assistant Secretary – Joseph Ward (Unison)
Treasurer – Darcy Luke (UCU)
Equalities Officer – Mohammed Mumit (PCS)
Anti-Racist Officer – Shingai Mushayabasa (Unite)
Executive Committee Members – Carl Jones (UCU), Elio Di Muccio (UCU), Stephen Booth (Unison), Stuart Richardson (NEU), Catherine Christian (Unite), Sarah Teversham (Unite), Farheen Ahmed (Unite)

How to Affiliate

BTUC meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month and are open to anyone interested in trade unionism in Birmingham, whether part of an affiliated branch or not. However, we welcome new affiliations and would encourage members across the region to ask your branch to affiliate. The annual affiliation fee rate is set out in the BTUC constitution. All enquiries regarding affiliation can be sent directly to the Secretary at or at our generic email address

Affiliated Branches 2020-21

  • Artists’ Union (1)
    • Birmingham
  • BFAWU (1)
    • Birmingham District Office (331)
  • CWU (1)
    • Birmingham
  • GMB (1)
    • Birmingham Public Services
  • MU (1)
    • Birmingham
  • NEU (1)
    • Birmingham
  • NUJ (1)
    • Birmingham
  • PCS (1)
    • EFRA
  • RMT (1)
    • Birmingham
  • UCU (3)
    • Birmingham City University
    • University of Birmingham
    • Retired Members
  • Unison (2)
    • Birmingham
    • University of Birmingham
  • Unite (11)
    • Birmingham South/6030
    • Birmingham Central/6010
    • Community WM/5112
    • Community North/5114
    • WM 7147
    • WM 7342
    • WM7685
    • LE/7076L
    • LE/975
    • 76KS
    • IA/76