The corona crisis and the lock down to prevent the spread of the infection and the pandemic poses severe problems for activists to organise activities and events in the city. President Ian Scott and executive member Cathy Gaffney discuss how the Birmingham Trade Union Council is dealing with the challenges the Corona crisis presents to the movement.

Ian Scott President BTUC
BTUC Executive member Kathy Gaffney

Coronavirus BTUC Statement

The exponential rise in UK Coronavirus deaths is an avoidable catastrophe. It requires scrutiny and action.

The Government knew about the coming for 2 months pandemic but took no adequate steps. By contrast China put keeping people alive before protecting profit.

As of 4 April , there were 387 deaths in Wales, a nation of around 3 million. In China, a nation of 1.33 billion people, outside of Hubei there are 119 deaths.

For the UK there were 4,313 deaths, around a 1,000 more than for China as whole. The UK population is a 20th of that of China.

We see our brave health and transport workers literally dying in the fight due to no protective equipment

Whilst the measures demanded by the TUC , individual unions and some Labour MPs such as Zarah Sultan should be adopted ,the Movement must fight for the Government to order testing equipment, undertake sufficient testing, provide adequate personal protective equipment to workers and t o build hospitals.