Trade unionists in education have asked for our urgent support to make sure schools, colleges and universities are not forced back too soon. The government has planned a March 8 return, which we believe is not safe.
You can help them by writing a letter based on the model letter below, if you are a parent, family member or just part of the wider community you can write to some or all of the following: Head Teachers, Governors,Trustees, CEOs, College Principals, Vice Chancellors of Universities.

BCU UCU have been in dispute over failure to agree on on-site learning under COVID-19, and this January won their industrial ballot to take action.

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When should schools reopen?

When it’s safe. At the moment the amount of infection is still too high. This is dangerous for children and staff, and they transmit the disease to family and the wider community. We want to avoid as many deaths as possible.

It’s difficult for children to study at home. Are they missing out on their education?

Yes, it is difficult. But it’s better than spreading Covid. All children everywhere are affected, and schools will do everything they can to make up for lost time, when it’s safe to reopen. New variants of Covid spread even more quickly, so we need to stay as safe as possible.

Is children’s mental health worse if they can’t go to school?

If you are worried about your child, talk to the teacher or the school. It’s true that children miss their friends and school routine, but they suffer too if they feel unsafe in school, or if their routine keeps changing because of Covid outbreaks and class closures. The quickest way to get back to school is to keep the Covid numbers as low as possible, and that means not reopening schools yet.

Haven’t school closures been going on far too long?

It’s true. It is a long time. But lockdown cuts the amount of infection, and we will be safer when everyone has the vaccination. In the meantime we have to stay safe. It won’t go on forever.