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BTUC Delegate Meeting 2nd July 7 pm (Zoom)

Speakers include

John Rees from the Campaign to stop Extradition of Julian Assange

Keith Venables speaking on the National Health Service

Tim Martin will provide musical entertainment

The campaign to stop the extradition of Julian Assange is an important campaign to defend journalistic freedom and the campaign

is supported by the National Union of Journalists. Wiki-links is most famous for releasing a military video from a US helicopter which

guns down dozens of unarmed Iraqi civilians in central Baghdad, a blatant attack on civilians which was clearly a war crime. Even

the American prosecutors accept that no US military personnel has been harmed by the rele

ase of the Wiki-link files.

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BTUC Delegate meeting Thursday 4th June 2020 7 pm

Pre delegate meeting interview with Ian Scott, President of BTUC on Corona crisis and its impact or Trade Unionists and other working communities

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Delegates meeting Discussing the Corona Virus and its impact on the economy and how we as part of the Trade Union movement should respond as we face huge job losses and severe austerity impacting millions of working people across the country. At the same time our health and safety is severely challenged. This will be first of the several meetings BTUC will be organising over the next few weeks and months to help prepare the labour and trade union movement for the coming storm.

This meeting is titled Coming out of the pandemic – the task for the labour movement. The discussion will be introduced by Michael Roberts Marxist economist. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to thousands of extra deaths in the UK and elsewhere. Because health systems were run down resourced, most governments were forced into lockdowns of the economy in varying degrees to contain the virus. This has led to the collapse of production, investment and employment across most major economies. In the case of Britain, it is the largest drop in economic activity for 300 years!

Workers have been sent home, sacked or furloughed. The damage is most felt by those in key necessary jobs and among the lower paid. While professionals and others can work at home, millions of others must go to workplaces and travel to do their jobs, putting themselves at risk of infection.

The government has announced a series of spending programmes to provide incomes for those out of work or furloughed. The Bank of England has

printed money for banks to lend to small and large businesses to tide them over. But these measures will run out by the end of the summer. Most

worrying, millions of workers may find that there are no jobs for them to come back to as their employers make them redundant or go bust. Many other companies are preparing to reduce the hours of work and demand pay cuts. The TUC has called for jobs to be protected and is promoting a jobs guarantee for at least six months, particularly for young workers who will be the first to lose their jobs. Colleges remain closed for those who need to study for qualifications and apprenticeships.

Despite the emergency measures, millions can be expected to take significant hit to their income and employment for years to come. At the same time, the British government is running up a huge bill with the annual budget deficit set to triple this year and next. The public debt will rocket to levels not seen since the end of WW2, as large and small companies demand bailout funds. Once the pandemic is contained and the lockdowns are ended, we shall not return to normal. Moreover, the Conservative government is very likely to want to re-introduce the policies of austerity that workers experienced after the end of the Great Recession ten years ago. There are plans for tax rises, cuts in spending on public services and a new public sector pay freeze -despite the courageous efforts of health and other essential workers during the pandemic. Companies too will be demanding that workers accept poorer work conditions to ‘make ends meet’.

How should the labour movement react to this likely new attack on incomes, jobs and public services? Michael Roberts, former City economist and long supporter of the labour movement, will discuss how the labour movement must prepare to defend working class livelihoods when the pandemic is over.

BTUC Delegates Meeting over the Zoom Thursday, 21st May 5 pm

Birmingham Trades Council Delegates meeting will take place over the zoom and is open to everyone. The Meeting will discuss the threats posed by the easing of the lock down. In particular, the meeting will hear Bernard Regan from the National Education Union will talk about the various threats teachers, pupils, parents and other staff can face if schools are opened up without sufficient safety features against the virus.

Pat Collins and Kathryn Gaffney executive members of the BTUC will also be part of the panel discussing issues of safety related to public transport and generally as more workers return to work.

How to join the meeting:

Topic: BTUC Delegates Meeting Thursday 21st May 2020 5 pm UK time
Time: May 21, 2020 05:00 PM

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International Workers Memorial Day Birmingham

BTUC May Day Rally 2nd May 2020 Birmingham

BTUC May Day Public Meeting(Zoom) Saturday 2nd May 2 pm

Birmingham Trades Union Congress is holding a zoom meeting on Saturday the 2nd of May 2 pm

The meeting is held under unprecedented circumstances with most of the country under lock down. Over 27000 deaths attributed to the corona virus over a month. Our health services unable to cope and health workers workers life threatening conditions because of lack of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Main speakers will discuss our social and health care services and their dire state as a consequence of a decade of austerity and how we should help rebuild these services post corona crisis.

Please join us to discuss how the Trade Union and Labour movements should respond to these conditions.

You can join the meeting by following instructions below.

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Silence for International Workers Memorial Day

Please Join us wherever you are for a minutes silence remembering workers who have died because of work related issues

Many workplaces around the country, including the Midlands, are organising a commemoration, with the permission of employers where possible, ranging from a simple minute’s silence to a short, socially-distanced, meeting appropriate to that workplace.

Please join in, wherever you are, whatever you can do.

Workers Memorial Day Tuesday 28th April

We invite you to join an IWMD rally by Zoom at 12.30 on Tues, 28 April, hosted by Birmingham TUC, can join via or by clinking this link

Alternatively, from your phone (mobile or landline) Dial one of the numbers below and enter meeting id(839 6679 1196) and password(
030016) when requested.
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Please send IWMD pictures to your TU, #IWMD20, #MidsIWMD, & local Facebook pages for MidsIWMD; Midlands TUC Health & Safety Forum; & Birmingham Trades Council & West Midlands Coronavirus Action Group

please send pictures & videos locally to the following Facebook pages MidsIWMD or Twitter #MidsIWMD, nationally to #IWMD20 and to your unions & to Birmingham Trades Council at

Placard for Workers Memorial 1

Birmingham Trade Union Council and the Corona crisis

The corona crisis and the lock down to prevent the spread of the infection and the pandemic poses severe problems for activists to organise activities and events in the city. President Ian Scott and executive member Cathy Gaffney discuss how the Birmingham Trade Union Council is dealing with the challenges the Corona crisis presents to the movement.

Ian Scott President BTUC
BTUC Executive member Kathy Gaffney

Coronavirus BTUC Statement

The exponential rise in UK Coronavirus deaths is an avoidable catastrophe. It requires scrutiny and action.

The Government knew about the coming for 2 months pandemic but took no adequate steps. By contrast China put keeping people alive before protecting profit.

As of 4 April , there were 387 deaths in Wales, a nation of around 3 million. In China, a nation of 1.33 billion people, outside of Hubei there are 119 deaths.

For the UK there were 4,313 deaths, around a 1,000 more than for China as whole. The UK population is a 20th of that of China.

We see our brave health and transport workers literally dying in the fight due to no protective equipment

Whilst the measures demanded by the TUC , individual unions and some Labour MPs such as Zarah Sultan should be adopted ,the Movement must fight for the Government to order testing equipment, undertake sufficient testing, provide adequate personal protective equipment to workers and t o build hospitals.

BTUC Delegate Meeting(zoom) Thursday 16th April 5 pm

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic all further delegates meeting will be online and not at our usual venue at the Council House.

This Thursday’s meeting will start with tribute to the front line workers in our National Health and Social care services.

The meeting will start at 5:00 pm

This will be an opportunity for us to share and discuss what we feel our governments should do now to ensure we remain safe through this crisis and that those providing us the services we are equipped with all the safety gear they need to help the sick among us without compromising their own safety.

Follow this link to join the meeting and share it widely.
However, if you cannot join using the link above on your smart devices, including laptops and computers, you can also join by ringing from your mobile or landline from one of the following numbers
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When you need to speak press * followed by 6 you will be un-muted and can speak when you are not speaking press * followed by 6 to mute avoiding unnecessary sounds into the meeting.